Are you using the right laminates for your floor graphics?

Why is it important to use an overlaminate for floor graphics? Although there are a variety of floor graphic media types that do not require overlaminates, however most standard vinyl require lamination to be suitable for floors. Using overlaminates provides protection against scuffing, abrasion, moisture, and UV light. This important protective layer will seal the more »

Application Spotlight – 3D Floor Graphic of Bottles in Ice

This 3D floor graphic advertisement was commissioned by Lech Beer of Poznań, Poland. The graphic is situated in an outdoor patio setting and was installed on concrete using Alumigraphics GRIP. Made of pliable aluminum foil, the product features a 1 year expected life performance. It is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions such as rain, more »

DaVinci Adds CourtWrap, A High-Performance Floor Graphic Media

panoRama CourtWrap is a new high-performance floor graphic print media specifically designed for athletic surfaces such as basketball/volleyball courts. It is ideal for a variety of smooth, flat indoor surfaces including painted metal, glass, tile, sealed concrete, sealed wood, etc… When used with panoRama CourtWrap Protect, a non-slip ASTM D-2047 & R10 certified textured laminate, these products are the more »

Architectural Wraps

Architectural wraps utilize space on walls, floors, and windows a create a dramatic visual experience. They can be an especially effective form of advertising and an attention-grabber for retail settings, trade shows, restaurants, museums, exhibits, and residential spaces. The following images provide examples of how architectural wrapped are being used to transform interior spaces.

Laminating Films For Floor Graphics

Floor graphics need to withstand scuffing from heavy foot traffic, moisture, and other environmental elements such as UV exposure. Choosing the right overlaminate is an important step for most floor graphic applications. Important attributes to consider: Durability: For heavy foot traffic, choose a film in the 4-6+ mil thickness range. Safety: Look for a laminating film that more »

Limited Time Offer: 6 Month Subscription to

We are inviting readers to an exclusive 6 month subscription to for just $199. SPECIAL OFFER: Access millions of industry specific graphics for almost half the price. INVITATION DETAILS: As a recipient of this email you can buy a 6 month image subscription for just $199 (instead of the yearly price of $395). You more »

Vinyl Wraps That Make A Difference

Using vinyl wraps and other similar print media as an element of architectural design has become an increasingly popular trend. They can truly transform an environment. Recently, we have come across some creative ways wraps are being used to transform hospitals and schools. An MRI room, for instance, can be a scary place for children – more »