Tips for Maintaining a Clean Printing Environment


inkjet-media-demo-sample-roomKeeping your print facility clean provides a variety of benefits. High levels of particulate matter such as air borne dust mites can damage or shorten the life of equipment and negatively affect the quality of prints. We have compiled a short list of items that can help keep air clean in your printing facility.

  1. Tacky Mats – These sticky floor mats help keep dirt and dust tracked in from foot traffic to a minimum. They are offered in multi-layered sheets, with each new layer providing a new clean surface. Place the tacky mats in the entrance of the facility so any person entering has to walk over it.
  2. Air purifier – There are various levels of air purification systems available but a simple air purifier like those sold at hardware stores are a good starting point.
  3. Wipe surfaces – Wipe down surfaces regularly with industrial grade shop wipes. For sensitive surfaces such as print heads, use a non-abrasive and low-linting print head wipe.
  4. Vacuum – Avoid sweeping and use a shop vac to vacuum our print facility. Remove dust mites and other debris that could damage prints or equipment.
  5. Avoid clutter – Keeping clutter to a minimum can help reduce that amount of items that can collect dust. Its also easier to clean a clutter-free environment.

To add your tip on maintaining a clean printing environment, leave a comment below.