Carve a Niche with Unique Wallcovering Textures

Digital Print Media Staff : October 10, 2017 10:43 am : Digital Print Media News, Wall Graphics

Examples of Unique Wallcovering Textures

Unique textures such as this distinctive exotic faux mayan stone finish by KoroGraphics® can give the appearance of a mural that was painted directly on the wall.

Another option from KoroGraphics® is Trade Route, a finely detailed interpretation of ancient Chinese horizontal “raw” silk. Subtle slubs adorn the face of this fine fabric texture and convey a rich, sophisticated appearance to the finished image, a true upgrade from a standard “Artist Canvas” texture.

WallFab by Presto Tape is a polyester nonwoven wallcovering featuring a natural hand-woven canvas texture. It produces vivid imagery and striking detail – something that has to be seen in person to get the full experience. It comes in a variety of options including WallFab, WallFab Pearlescent, and WallFab Black Metallic (all pictured below).

WallFab by Presto Tape

WallFab Pearlescent Metallic Finish

WallFab Black

Easy Image by DaVinci Technologies is a PVC-free wallcovering with a premium fabric-like texture that produces vibrant images on a unique soft to touch surface.

What are Wallcoverings?

Wallcoverings are designed to cover an entire surface as opposed to a smaller section of a wall. Additionally, wallcoverings can serve to cover blemishes or imperfections on dry wall or plaster walls. Typical wallcovering media is also thicker and more durable than standard sign vinyl.

Why Choose a Unique Wallcovering Finish?

It is easy to go with a standard smooth or canvas textured wallcovering. They are mass produced and many times a less expensive option. Standard wallcoverings will always have a place in the market – especially for short term or applications where a big visual impact is not important. So why choose a unique finish?

Unique wallcovering media gives the appearance of a premium surface. Since the textures and finishes are indeed unique, it makes viewers more intrigued about the subject matter – something everyone in the digital printing industry strives for. Surfaces can vary greatly. Some wallcovering surfaces look as though the graphic has been painted directly on the wall. Others have metallic finishes and change appearance in different lighting. Heavily textured finishes create depth and rich images. As you will see in the examples below, the possibilities can open opportunities into new markets and carve a niche for you as you expand into this sector of wide format printing.

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Innovative Digital Print Media Spotlight: Presto Tape CanvasTac Wall Murals

Digital Print Media Staff : August 3, 2016 11:17 am : Digital Print Media News, Wall Graphics



CanvasTac Gold Office Wall Mural 2

CanvasTac Gold Office Wall Mural 3

CanvasTac Gold Office Wall Mural

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Easy Image vs Standard Vinyl Wallcover Installation Time-Lapse Video

Digital Print Media Staff : June 10, 2016 3:57 pm : Digital Print Media News, Wall Graphics

Easy Image Wallcover features a patent-pending adhesive system that enables end-users to quickly and easily install wall murals and graphics. As shown in the video, it can reduce installation time by up to 60%.

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Commercial-Grade Type II Wallcover by DaVinci Technologies

Digital Print Media Staff : April 21, 2016 11:57 am : Digital Print Media News, Wall Graphics

Commercial-Grade Type II WallcoverDaVinci Technologies has announced the release of a brand new product. DaVinci Type II Wallcover is a high-performance digitally printable wallcovering. It features a durable non-adhesive backing and a bright white vinyl face. Available in three unique textures, DaVinci Type II Wallcover is a true commercial grade media. It is designed for high-traffic areas where there is a potential for above average wear. Ideal application areas include public settings such as waiting rooms, classrooms, retail stores, restaurants, public transportation facilities, and more.

All three variations available, which includes Sandstorm, Stubble, and Glazed, produce stunning imagery, vivid colors and can cover slight blemishes on the wall. It can also mask nicks and dings that may happen in the future.

DaVinci’s new line of wallcover media is formulated and tested to meet a variety of fire safety, environmental health, and mold & mildew control certifications. It was specifically developed to comply with local, state and federal building and fire codes. It is available in 54” x 150’ roll sizes and compatible with latex, solvent/eco-solvent, UV Inks

For more information, visit

DaVinci Technologies is leading provider of solutions for the digital wide format printing industry ranging from equipment and general purpose media to innovative specialty media for unique applications. Their product line ranges from HP Latex Printers, Finishing Equipment and Inkjet Media to cleaning solutions designed specifically for the printing industry.

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Architectural Wraps

Digital Print Media Staff : April 18, 2016 11:20 am : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics, Vinyl Wrapping, Wall Graphics

Architectural wraps utilize space on walls, floors, and windows a create a dramatic visual experience. They can be an especially effective form of advertising and an attention-grabber for retail settings, trade shows, restaurants, museums, exhibits, and residential spaces. The following images provide examples of how architectural wrapped are being used to transform interior spaces.

Wall, floor, and window graphics – Jungle plants

Floor and wall graphics combine to create a unique football exhibit experience

Submarine-style wrapped x-ray machine combined with floor and wall graphics at the Children’s National Medical Center

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Easy Image Nominated For Top Product Award

Digital Print Media Staff : January 13, 2016 3:39 pm : Digital Print Media News, Wall Graphics

Easy_Image_Top_ProductDaVinci Technologies’ innovative new nonwoven wall graphic product Easy Image has been nominated in Wide-Format & Signage’s 2016 Reader’s Choice Top Products Awards.

Voting is open now and will run through February 1, 2016. Readers and subscribers of Wide-Format & Signage (online and in print) and have the opportunity to vote for the products that have caused the most excitement in the industry and have been a valuable asset to wide-format print service provider’s businesses over the 15 months. Categories include wide-format flatbed printers and wide-format media, to laminating equipment to inks, RIP software and scanners, Wide-Format & Signage’s Readers’ Choice Top Products Awards will recognize the products that are doing the most for a PSP’s bottom line.

Winners will be announced at the ISA show in Orlando, and featured in the April issue of Wide-Format & Signage magazine.

Click here to vote!

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Wall Wraps for Rough Surfaces

Digital Print Media Staff : November 24, 2015 6:52 pm : Digital Print Media News, Wall Graphics

Recent advancements in print media have allowed installers to wrap virtually any surface including brick, stucco, poured cement, and cinder block. There are several highly conformable print media options on the market and choosing the correct one will depend on several factors including the intended longevity and outside conditions of the wrap. Here are several rough-surface wall wrap examples:



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Sony Music Timeline Wall Graphics Spotlight

Digital Print Media Staff : November 11, 2015 5:59 pm : Digital Print Media News, Wall Graphics

Sony outfitted their space with a mega-sized timeline wall graphic. Days and possibly weeks of work must have gone into the creation and installation of this piece. It’s a wonderful design and brilliant display of typography!

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Wall Graphics Transforms White Memorial Medical Center Children’s Emergency Area

Digital Print Media Staff : November 3, 2015 8:55 pm : Digital Print Media News, Wall Graphics

Creative initiative by CR&A Custom and HP transforms children’s emergency area at White Memorial Medical Center.

“With the interior design project, we wanted to create a room for our pediatric patients – who can be anything from zero to 18 years old – where they felt safe and gave them a stimulating way to look at healthcare. Instead of saying, ‘I’m in a hospital,’ they could say, ‘I’m at the aquarium’.” Sara Rubalcava-Beck, director of marketing and communications, White Memorial Medical Center.

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DaVinci Technologies Announces Revolutionary New Wallcovering Product

Digital Print Media Staff : October 28, 2015 6:44 pm : Digital Print Media News, Wall Graphics

Easy Image WallcoverEasy Image Wallcover is a break-through development for printable wallcovering, offering unique never before seen attributes such as highly engineered nonwoven construction and a patent-pending adhesive system. The combination of these features can reduce application time by up to 60% when compared to other methods of installation.

Easy Image Wallcover was developed to offer novice and professional installers alike the ability to easily hang digitally printed wallcoverings. Installation can be completed in two simple steps; Spray the wall with water, then hang the wallcovering.

Once applied to the wet wall, Easy Image is simple to reposition so that subsequent strips can be easily lined up to match the pattern or scene. Easy Image is also dry-strippable. Simply peel off the wall with no steaming and no scraping. This is made possible because of its highly engineered nonwoven construction.

Unlike the limitations of paper, fabric and vinyl, nonwovens can be manipulated to perform a variety of behaviors and take on many types of characteristics. Easy Image Wallcover was engineered to perform in areas where other substrates struggle.

Problems with papers are well known. They are unforgiving, weak and tear, especially when wet. Fabrics are expensive, rigid and difficult to match patterns. Vinyl has an odor and is especially tricky when dealing with creases and bubbles. All too often the entire piece must be removed and reapplied repeatedly while fighting these issues.

Easy Image Wallcover is PVC-free, odor-free, durable, breathable, and dimensionally stable. All fibers come from sustainably managed forests. It carries a class “A” fire rating based upon ASTM E-84. HP has qualified Easy Image because it has a luxurious textile-like finish that prints beautifully with HP Latex Ink, among other ink technologies.

Easy Image Wallcovering is available from DaVinci Technologies in 50” x 100’ and 50” x 300’ rolls. These rolls have been properly prepared for printing, have been inspected, tested, and securely packaged.

For more information, visit:

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